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Business owner? Want to learn if you have what it takes to LEAD your enterprise to success?

Whether you own a business, or you simply manage one, a single certainty exists:
You need reliable leadership skills to thrive.


For change to take place, an action is required; if your business is stalling due to sub-optimal leadership practices, waiting it out is unlikely to bear any fruit. Don’t be passive; instead, take the first crucial step by discovering your strengths and weaknesses as a leader, with our help.
We are offering the Executive Leadership Profile (ELP); an ingenious tool that assesses your performance as a leader and facilitates your transition to excellence by cultivating the practices that affect that performance.
How well do you differentiate between essential and irrelevant data? How capable are you of self-awareness without being self-absorbed?
Join our ELP program and find out your strengths and weaknesses in:
·         MBTI Personality Profile
·         Leadership Style
·         Leadership Skills and Systems
·         Organizational Health
A trained and certified Awake Coach will complement each assessment and help you craft an individualized Leadership Action Plan that will help you develop your unique leader’s profile.